One-on-one consultations designed to get to the root cause of what is driving your health concerns and prevent further health concerns arising- empowering you to live in full health. 

Everyone is unique and so each health plan will be individualised to your age, symptoms, any test results and goals. The basics will remain the same of a whole foods based diet, balanced lifestyle and supplementation where necessary. 

Initial Consultation - 60mins - $159

An in-depth look into all aspects of your health. A food diary and health questionnaire will be sent to you for completion prior to this consultation. Post-consultation I will send you out an initial health plan looking at dietary, lifestyle and supplement interventions. I will also be recommending, and organising, testing if necessary.  

Follow-Up Consultation - 30mins - $79

Assessment of progress, accountability and on-going diet, lifestyle and supplement support as required. We will make tweaks to your initial plan as your symptoms, health goals and test results change. 

For bookings please email: or book directly by clicking here. Once booked in, Grace will be in touch with your pre-consultation tasks, zoom link and any additional information.