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"I was experiencing terrible migraines, red inflamed skin and bowel issues. My body was telling me that I had to make a lifestyle change and I was at my wit’s end! Thankfully, I heard about Grace and her holistic methods for body health. Her expert knowledge, alongside testing, enabled her to get to the root cause of my health concerns and put me on the right track to eating and living for ongoing health and wellness. I no longer suffer from migraines, have great skin, my gut is on the mend and as a side effect of healthier eating, I’ve lost weight. I am so impressed with my results! Thank you, Grace!" Katie

"Grace has been absolutely amazing to work with, her knowledge and professional service is outstanding! Thanks to her help I was finally able to overcome my chronic hormonal acne battle (after trying endless things for over 5 years) naturally, without the need for medication" Desiree

"The results were far beyond my expectations - a huge improvements in cholesterol, gut issues disappeared and an added bonus of shedding a few kilos. Huge thanks to Grace for her expert dietary advice and her encouragement." Bev

"I did quite well and I am now down 6 kilos!!! I feel really well and happy. My blood sugars have been in the 6 range for a few months now and I only have insulin with the evening meal... half what it used to be." Jane ( update: 4 months later, down 20 kilos and no insulin needed!)

"I came to Grace wanting to manage endometriosis naturally as it was causing hormonal problems and weight gain... since seeing her I have been pain free, off medication and down 11kgs! I honestly can't thank her enough. She's changed my life." Megan

"...I have achieved almost everything that I wanted in a few months time. My weight has reduced to 68kg from 82kg. My blood sugar has dropped by 8 points and now I am free from diabetes. Credit goes to your plan. Thanks a lot..." 

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