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"Grace has been absolutely amazing to work with, her knowledge and professional service is outstanding! Thanks to her help I was finally able to overcome my chronic hormonal acne battle (after trying endless things for over 5 years) naturally, without the need for medication" Desiree

"The results were far beyond my expectations - a huge improvements in cholesterol, gut issues disappeared and an added bonus of shedding a few kilos. Huge thanks to Grace for her expert dietary advice and her encouragement." Bev

"I did quite well and I am now down 6 kilos!!! I feel really well and happy. My blood sugars have been in the 6 range for a few months now and I only have insulin with the evening meal... half what it used to be." Jane ( update: 4 months later, down 20 kilos and no insulin needed!)

"I came to Grace wanting to manage endometriosis naturally as it was causing hormonal problems and weight gain... since seeing her I have been pain free, off medication and down 11kgs! I honestly can't thank her enough. She's changed my life." Megan

"...I have achieved almost everything that I wanted in a few months time. My weight has reduced to 68kg from 82kg. My blood sugar has dropped by 8 points and now I am free from diabetes. Credit goes to your plan. Thanks a lot..."